CIN: U67190TN1995PLC030604
  • 8th Floor, No. 2, South Tower, KRM Plaza, Harrington Road

  • Chetpet, Chennai - 600 031.

Company Profile

  • S.M.I.L.E. Microfinance Limited is a Company Incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 (Now Companies Act, 2013) and the rules made thereunder vide CIN: U67190TN1995PLC030604 dated 21/03/1995. Company has taken the NBFC-MFI licence dated 29/05/2015 vide certificate No. B-07.00537. The Company has voluntarily surrendered its NBFC-MFI Licence vide RBI letter dated 05 January, 2024. Hence, the Company is not NBFC- MFI since 05 January 2024.

Company History:
  • 2004: Started as a Private limited company
  • 2005: Converted in to a Public Limited Company (unlisted) in November, 2005
  • 2006: Obtained license from the Reserve Bank of India as "Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) - Non Deposit taking" in January, 2006
  • 2010: Equity investment by Developing World Markets (DWM), a US based impact investor
  • 2015: Obtained license from the Reserve Bank of India as "NBFC-MFI" in May, 2015
  • 2022: Northern Arc capital Ltd. has acquired Microfinance business from the company on 12-Apr-22
  • 2024: Voluntarily surrendered NBFC-MFI License - RBI Cancellation Order dated 05 January 2024.